Water supply and management

How we supply and manage water for your home or rural property to meet our service standards.

The vast majority of the water we supply to our customers comes from the Murray River.

Kerang though has 3 water source options, water piped from the Murray River at Koondrook, an irrigation channel operated by Goulburn Murray Water and the Loddon River at Kerang.

We receive a bulk entitlement under the Victorian Water Act 1989. This gives us the legal right to take or store a volume of water, subject to a range of conditions. We manage this water for homes, irrigators, businesses and the environment in our service region.

Where we take water from is based on the raw water quality and the level of demand. The quality of the river water varies – sometimes significantly – at any time of the year.

Supplying your home

Our urban water supplies are treated and are safe for drinking and food preparation. Our treatment plants treat water to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) and the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003.

We are committed to supplying water that meets these guidelines and standards. For more information, see Water quality and treatment and Water flow rate.

We are responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing your property’s water service pipe and water meter. This includes:

  • up to 60 metres of service pipe with a 25mm internal diameter or less
  • all fixtures and fittings – including the meter and tap – up to the property boundary.

For more information, see Meter maintenance.

We also provide sewerage services with the goal of reusing resources safely and sustainably.

Supplying your rural property

We supply our irrigation customers in Mildura, Red Cliffs, Robinvale and Merbein with non-potable river-quality water and subsurface irrigation drainage services. This includes our domestic and stock customers.

We also licence customers to take and use water directly from the Murray River – using a pump – in the zone between Nyah to the South Australian border. These customers are called private diverters.

Water supply to your rural property is available for use under certain conditions. To learn more, see Water allocation and entitlements.

Our supply systems are not always in operation. This means you must have adequate water storage on your property all year round.

Our services and your rights

Our customer charters explain your rights and obligations as a customer. They also outline the standards we aim to meet for delivering our water and sewerage services.

These charters also cover water compliance under legislation – including the Water Act 1989, Water Industry Act 1994 and Lower Murray Water By-Laws.

See our Customer Charter – Urban and Customer Charter – Rural.