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We provide water services to the north-west of Victoria. Our vision is a healthy, sustainable water future. Learn more about our team and what we do.


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What we do

Our core business is to meet the present and future needs of our customers and community by providing reliable and secure water services.

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We provide our services in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

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Our Board and Executive

Our Board defines our strategy and governance. Our Management Team is responsible for managing our business and aligning it with our strategy.

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Committees are an important part of our business process, providing advice and guidance to our board.

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Community and education

We contribute to our community by engaging with customers and educating the next generation.

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View our key publications – including our reports, strategies, plans and customer charters.

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Tenders and contractors

Current tender and EOI opportunities and information for contractors.

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Our events are a great opportunity to learn and connect with your community.

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Opportunities to work with us to manage our water and environment for the future.



Mildura irrigation district rising main project

This project replaced the existing rising main with 550 metres of new pipe to supply water to our customers when it’s needed.

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Sunraysia Modernisation Project 2 (SMP2)

Building on existing infrastructure to reduce costs and improve water efficiency for Merbein and Red Cliffs irrigation districts.

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Victorian Murray floodplain restoration project (VMFRP)

Restoring floodplains along the Murray River to stop the decline of these iconic landscapes – and the native plants and animals that depend on them.

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Latest news

World Water Day 2023


Wednesday 22 March marks World Water Day. This year’s theme for World Water Day is accelerating change by thinking twice about how we use, consume, and manage water in our lives.

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New River Pump Station for the Millewa


Works are continuing after the widespread flooding which delayed access to the new Millewa pumpstation works at the river near Lake Cullulleraine. The new pumpstation will provide extra capacity for the supply into Lake Cullulleraine.

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Red Cliffs Urban Water Main Upgrade


We are currently upgrading 250m of Red Cliffs urban water main and associated services in Jamieson Steet. These works are replacing old lines which were constructed in 1935. The new lines will be 150mm PVC.

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