Central Rising Main

Contractors have started laying pipes for the upgrade of Mildura irrigation districts Rising Main project. The $3.5million project involves the replacement of the existing main which was built in the early 1950’s with the installation of new 2.2-metre diameter pipe, with a total of 555 metres of new pipe to be installed for the project.

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2019 Winter Customer Irrigation Schedule

The Mildura Irrigation District Winter Schedule has been amended due to some unplanned urgent maintenance.

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Target Your Water Use

Target Your Water Use is a voluntary water efficiency program to assist and encourage regional Victorians to use their water wisely.

The program applies to residential and business urban water customers in regional Victoria.

Using water responsibly is your opportunity to help secure water supplies and create greener and more liveable communities for now and into the future

Minister Takes Control Of Lower Murray Water Extraction

The Andrews Labor Government is protecting the environment and water entitlement holders against the negative impacts of increasing water extractions below the Barmah Choke with a new licence review process.

Urban & Rural
2019-2020 Tariffs

New tarrifs for the new year 2019-2020 are now available.

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