Billing and charges

Find a payment option, update your details or get help with your bill. Learn about our pricing, how we calculate your bill, and how to read your meter.


How can we help you today?

Pay your bill icon

Pay your bill

Pay your bill online, by phone or in person, or set up a direct debit.

Help with your bill icon

Help with your bill

If you are finding it difficult to pay your bill, we have flexible payment and support options to help you.

Apply for a concession icon

Apply for a concession

Eligible concession card holders receive a 50 per cent deduction on water and sewerage charges.

Rebates and grants icon

Rebates and grants

Individuals and community organisations may be eligible for government support to pay their water bill.

Understand your bill icon

Understand your bill

We explain how to read your urban water bill and what each part of your bill means.

Update your details icon

Update your details

Update your details, ask a question about your bill or make a payment arrangement.

Charges and tariffs icon

Charges and tariffs

Pricing for our water supply and sewerage services to your home, business, irrigation district or new development.

Water meters icon

Water meters

We read your meter regularly so we can bill you accurately. You can read your meter to keep track of how much water you’re using.

Selling or transferring a property icon

Selling or transferring a property

When you sell or change ownership of a property, you need to transfer any water shares that come with it.

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On Thursday 8 February, we held a community workshop with those who expressed interest in being apart of the community art project to give new life to the Dethridge Wheel.

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Expression of Interest: Independent Member, LMW Finance & Audit Committee


LMW invites interested individuals to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the vacant position of independent member on its Finance and Audit Committee.

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Community art project: Express your organisation’s interest


Our region’s irrigation legacy runs deep, nourishing the land and weaving stories through generations. Now, we’re breathing new life into the remnants of that history—the dethridge wheel! These iconic symbols, retired yet resilient, are ready for their encore.

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