Building and developing

Before you start building, renovating or subdividing, learn about connecting water and sewerage services to your house, unit or development.


How can we help you today?

Land development icon

Land development

Apply to connect to or construct water and sewerage services for new builds and developments.

Building over assets or easements icon

Building over assets or easements

We manage what buildings or structures can be placed over or near our assets – including water mains, sewerage pipes, rural drainage and water meters.

Backflow prevention icon

Backflow prevention

Installing a backflow prevention device can protect our water supply.

New customer contribution icon

New customer contribution

The new customer contribution is a one-off charge that applies to all new connections to our sewerage or water services.

Latest news

Kerang urban water main replacement


We are undertaking work on the replacement of a section of the urban water main along Wellington Street in Kerang.

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Place of Take framework now underway


Victoria’s new ‘place of take approvals’ framework is now in effect.

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2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey is now open


Our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey begins today and runs from 13 November to 30 November.

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