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We welcome you all to the new Lower Murray Water website. As with any new page there is new information and features. If you need any assistance navigating the page please contact us. If you notice any glitches also please let us know.

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We want everything about your water bill to be easy. Find how your bill is calculated, how to set up direct debit, get help with your bill, and more.

To report a non-urgent problem with your water supply or service – including a burst or leaking pipe, leaking meter, no water, or an irrigation drain issue.

For emergencies, call 1800 808 830.

If you move house or change your contact details, let us know.

Check your allocation account (ABA) balance and order water online. Manage your water availability by buying or selling water allocation or entitlements.

Latest news

Flush facts


Did you know that we spend thousands of dollars fixing our sewer system due to incorrect items being flushed down toilets and drains?

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Sunraysia Water Efficiency Project (SWEP) is underway


Project works will start with channel lining in sections of Red Cliffs and Mildura Districts from June 2023, with works on small meter outlets (SMOs) commencing in Merbein and Red Cliffs in July.

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2023 Winter Irrigation Schedule

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Please see the new winter irrigation district schedule for the 2023 irrigation season. This schedule is provided for the Red Cliffs, Merbein and Mildura Irrigation Districts. The schedule this year has been set to take into consideration the civil works required for the Sunraysia Water Efficiency Project.

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Water saving tips

For the home

At home

Use water wisely around your home

We use a large amount of water inside the home – for washing, brushing our teeth, flushing toilets and cooking. You can reduce water use in your home by making some small changes in behaviour and using water-efficient technologies.

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For the home

In your garden

Outdoor water use accounts for 25–50% of the average home’s water

Gardens are an area where huge amounts of water are wasted. Examples include leaving sprinkler systems running for longer than needed and hosing down paths.

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For the home

On irrigation

Saving water on irrigation can increase the efficiency of your water use on the land

There are many water-saving irrigation practices that can increase the efficiency of your water use on the land.

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