Irrigation services

Our services for rural irrigation customers – including domestic and stock; information on ordering water and managing your water allocation and entitlements.


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Irrigation management

Information and tools to help irrigators prepare for the irrigation season.

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Order water

Order water online and check your allocation account (ABA) balance.

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Water trading

Manage your water availability by buying or selling water allocation or entitlements.

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You need a licence to use your rural water, even if you already have a water entitlement or allocation. We manage water licences for the Victorian Government.

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Domestic and stock

You can use rural water for household use and for watering livestock.

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Salinity zone mapping

Specific areas in our region are located in a salinity impact zone and are subject to salinity impact charges.

Water use compliance and enforcement icon

Water use compliance and enforcement

Rules, rights and obligations for rural water users in Victoria, and fines for not following these rules.

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Water quality and treatment

The new customer contribution is a one-off charge that applies to all new connections to our sewerage or water services.

Latest news

Kerang urban water main replacement


We are undertaking work on the replacement of a section of the urban water main along Wellington Street in Kerang.

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Place of Take framework now underway


Victoria’s new ‘place of take approvals’ framework is now in effect.

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2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey is now open


Our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey begins today and runs from 13 November to 30 November.

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