Water quality and treatment

We carefully monitor water quality to make sure it's safe to drink and use for domestic and stock, irrigation and recreation purposes.


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Water treatment and testing

Find out how we treat and test our water to make it safe to drink.

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Safe drinking water

Our urban water supplies are treated and are safe for drinking and food preparation.

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Potable water standpipes

Access to potable (drinking) water is made available to the public via standpipes.

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Blue-green algae

Information and advice about blue-green algae.

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Current information and warnings on blackwater in the Murray–Darling Basin.

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E. coli river water reports

Current and past reports on E. coli bacteria in our water supply.

Freshwater bryozoans (plumatella) icon

Freshwater bryozoans (plumatella)

Our rural water quality treatment program targeting plumatella.

COVID-19 wastewater surveillance program icon

COVID-19 wastewater surveillance program

Wastewater samples from our treatment plants are tested for COVID-19 at laboratories in Melbourne.

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Greywater and rainwater

Using alternative water supplies safely in your home and garden.

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