Irrigation management

Information and tools to help irrigators prepare for the irrigation season.


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Irrigation season dates icon

Irrigation season dates

End of irrigation season dates, including water trading application deadlines and winter maintenance pumping schedules.

Check local weather conditions icon

Check local weather conditions

Get real-time weather and soil information from the weather station network in your region.

Preparing for shortfall icon

Preparing for shortfall

How you can prepare for water shortages during high-demand periods.

Water carters icon

Water carters

Find a registered water carter for water supplies when your water tank is low or contaminated.

Hydraulic assessment for rural irrigation outlet icon

Hydraulic assessment for rural irrigation outlet

Apply for hydraulic assessment for a rural irrigation outlet to assess the capability of our services to deliver water to your property.

Calculate your annual use limit icon

Calculate your annual use limit

Use our calculator to estimate your total annual water use limit and delivery capacity.

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