Calculate your annual use limit

Use our calculator to estimate your total annual water use limit and delivery capacity.

This calculator estimates the total annual water use limit and delivery capacity required for your irrigation. This is based on approved crop application rates and planted areas.

The annual use limit is a condition on every water-use licence. It defines:

  • the volume of water you can use under your licence in any one year
  • the volume of water share you can link to your property – this is called your holding limit and is usually twice your annual use limit
  • how much allocation can be traded into your allocation account.

For more information, see Water allocation and entitlements.

The calculator is only a guide. It does not guarantee the necessary water supply from the delivery system. To assess if our water system can deliver water to your property, you need to apply for hydraulic assessment for a rural irrigation outlet.

How to use the calculator

The calculator works best in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

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