Salinity zone mapping

Specific areas in our region are located in a salinity impact zone and are subject to salinity impact charges.

Salinity zone map

Water use in salinity impact zones

Salinity remains a significant management focus within the Murray-Darling Basin and poses ongoing environmental, social and economic risks.

Water-use licences in specific areas of the Victorian Mallee are designated as being located in salinity impact zones and are managed under ministerial determinations:

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    Determination of water use objectivesPDF – 0.17mb


In the Mallee region there are high and low salinity impact zones. This zoning structure is linked to the annual use limit attached to a Water Use Licence. For more information on these zones please contact our rural services team.

The rates set out in the determination of salinity impact charges for increases in annual use limit are subject to annual adjustment as specified in section 232C of the Water Act (1989). See our Rural tariffs and charges for current rates.

For more information about salinity management, see Basin salinity management on the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action website.

Information about salinity in the Mallee region can also be found on the Mallee Catchment Management Authority website at