Rebates and grants

Individuals and community organisations may be eligible for government support to pay their water bill.

The Victorian Government offers one-off grants and free upgrades to more efficient water appliances to help reduce your water usage and costs.

Find out more about available rebates and grants, including eligibility criteria and how to apply.

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Community Rebate Program

The Community Rebate Program helps vulnerable and customers experiencing financial pressure to reduce water use and avoid high bills in the future.

A licensed plumber conducts a water efficiency audit to identify where savings can be made – for example, by fixing leaks or upgrading fittings, fixtures and appliances. The program provides free products and services to improve water efficiency in your home. It does not provide subsidies for bills.

To apply, email or call our customer support team on 1800 808 830.

Available until 30 June 2023, while funds available.

For more information, see Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

Water and Sewerage Rebate Scheme

Organisations that use land for community benefit are eligible for a rebate on the fixed service charge of their water bills.

Eligible community organisations include:

  • a charitable organisation for charitable purposes
  • a not-for-profit organisation providing or promoting outdoor sporting, recreational, cultural or other similar outdoor activities for such purposes
  • a war veterans’ organisation
  • a public statutory body, such as the responsible body for a public park or open space.

For more information about the rebate and how you can apply, see State Revenue Office.

Utility Relief Grant Scheme

If you are unable to pay an overdue bill because of a temporary financial crisis, you may be eligible for a one-off grant from the government. You will need to show that you have no way of paying your bill without assistance.

To find out if you’re eligible, go to Utility Relief Grant Scheme on the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing website.

To apply, call our customer support team on 1800 808 830 to request an application.