Vision, purpose and objectives

Our key strategic priorities will enable us to fulfil our purpose and see our vision come to life.

We operate within a dynamic industry with significant challenges requiring an innovative, integrated and strategic approach.

Our vision

A healthy, sustainable water future underpinned by our culture of performance excellence and a close partnership with our staff, customers and communities.

Our purpose

To support our region to prosper by successfully delivering vital water services.

Our strategic objectives

Our Strategic Plan identifies the key strategic priorities and fundamental strategic foundations that will enable us to fulfil our purpose and see our vision come to life.

We have identified 6 strategic pillars – made up of 3 Strategic Priority areas and 3 Strategic Foundation areas. These pillars will drive the strategic direction across 16 Strategic Aspirations – or areas of focus.

Building a healthy and sustainable future through our strategic priorities.

Service delivery

Achieve high quality outcomes for our customers

  • Identify, define, and deliver agreed customer service levels
  • Improve our responsiveness to customer issues by obtaining better service delivery insights


Effective engagement with our stakeholders

  • Embed authentic customer engagement across the business
  • Enhance stakeholder relationships to build confidence in and generate future opportunities for Lower Murray Water and our region


Better the environment in our region

  • Deliver the Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project to the agreed objectives
  • Achieve our CO2 emissions reduction target
  • Explore enhanced integrated water management that best works for our region

Building a dynamic culture of performance excellence through our strategic foundations

People and safety

Enhance our people and safety and leverage innovation to be more efficient and effective

  • Put ‘Safety First’ through implementing the 4C Safety Strategy: Communication Consistency Clarity Commitment
  • Embed #1LMW by fostering a high-performing culture by attracting, retaining, and developing our people
  • Achieve greater equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • Adopt improved ways of working through our Business Transformation Program


Ensure our assets and infrastructure meet current and future needs

  • Optimise our infrastructure through improved life cycle management
  • Deliver our Water Plan capital expenditure (capex) on time, on quality and within budget

Finance and governance

Secure our long-term financial success and upgrade our governance, systems and processes

  • Achieve year-on-year improvement in our frameworks, policies and performance to meet our risk management and compliance obligations
  • Deliver on our Water Plans’ revenue and operational expenditure (opex) targets
  • Optimise business efficiencies through sustainable pricing, resourcing and procurement


Under s. 4l of the Water Industry Act 1994, the Minister for Water may make and issue statements of obligations to water corporations.

These statements specify the obligations of Victoria’s water corporations in relation to the performance of their functions and the exercise of their powers.

Statement of Obligations (General)

This statement sets out a broad range of obligations and guiding principles applicable to all water corporations. It revokes and replaces all previous statements of obligations made and issued to a water corporation under s. 4I of the Water Industry Act 1994, with the exception of the Statement of Obligations (System Management) issued by the Minister for Water on 16 January 2015.

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    Statement of Obligations (General)PDF – 1.01mb


Statements of Obligations (Emission Reduction)

This statement sets out the water sector’s emissions reduction obligations to be achieved by 2025.

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    Statement of Obligations (Emission Reduction) PDF – 0.37mb