Water flow rate

The flow rate is how much water moves through your service pipe under normal operating conditions.

The flow rate – also referred to as capacity – is how much water moves through your service pipe. The flow rate is measured in litres per minute.

Adequate flow rate

Under normal operating conditions, we aim to supply water at an adequate flow rate:

Diameter of the meter (mm)2025324050
Minimum flow rate (Litres/Minute)*20356090160
*As measured by Lower Murray Water or a licensed plumber on the downstream-side of the water meter outlet

There are times when we cannot supply water at these rates – including:

  • During a planned or unplanned interruption to your water supply.
  • During a drought, peak summer demand or other unavoidable causes – this restricts the amount of water we get in our bulk entitlement.
  • When a section of the service pipe on your property is damaged or in poor condition.
  • When you have agreed to accept supply at a lesser flow rate.
  • When your property is supplied by a private main.
  • When we have installed a restrictive meter.
  • Due to other conditions that are beyond our control.