Urban water and sewer connections

Connect to existing urban water and sewerage services.

Owners or developers must get approval to:

  • connect to our water services
  • discharge into our sewerage systems.

You must have approval before starting any work. This includes backwash for swimming pools.

Only Lower Murray Water and our contractors can work on our assets and relocate connection points.

Connecting to a water or sewer main

To connect your property to a water or sewer main, your plumbing contractor needs to get approval from us.

In most cases, property owners, their builders or planning consultants must also submit building plans and land titles. They must submit these before any plumbing work starts. This is so we can assess how the proposed works will affect our infrastructure.

If services are available, and there’s capacity to service your property, we will issue a Consent to Connect notice and water meter to the plumbing contractor. We also provide a service location plan that shows which Lower Murray Water assets to connect to.


For more information on fees and charges, contact our Land Development Team on 1800 808 830 or property.services@lmw.vic.gov.au

Conditions of connection

When connecting to our services, the property owner must comply with the conditions in our customer charter.

The owner or developer must agree to these conditions and pay all charges and fees before we can connect the services.

See our Customer Charter – Urban.

Completing work

Within 5 days of completing any major drainage plumbing work, plumbers must provide us with an As Constructed Drainage Plan (As Cons). This is a legal obligation.

Renovations and alterations

You may need approval before you can start building works on your property. This includes unserviced structures – such as a shed or carport.

We assess whether your proposed structure will impact our assets or easements. If your works are approved, you will need a Build Over Easement Agreement.

An application can be made by you or by the builder or plumber performing the work for you. See Building over assets or easements.

Backflow prevention

When requested, a backflow prevention device (BPD) must be installed on the water supply connection.

If the property is assessed as a high or medium hazard risk, then the developer or owner needs to arrange for a plumber to install the BPD. For more information, see Backflow prevention.

Swimming pools

To dispose of swimming pool backwash water, you need to submit a swimming pool backwash application. See Swimming pool backwash.