New developments and subdivsions

Accessing water and sewerage services for developments, redevelopments or subdivisions.

Developers should check if the site of their proposed development has access to sufficient water and sewerage services. This should be done in the early stages of design and development.

In built-up areas these services may already be available. If existing water mains and sewers need to be extended or upgraded, the developer must arrange and pay for construction.

We can give developers advice about servicing requirements for subdivision proposals.

Check services are available

Developers need to check that services:

  • are available to the project site
  • have the capacity to service the proposed development.

Not all services are suitable for connection. Often the size or depth of a service means it is not available to the site. Developers and consultants should contact us to find out what services are available.

Constructing new services

If services are not available to the site or need upgrading, developer designed and constructed (DD&C) works are required.

We have a process for new DD&C works and the conditions for connecting to services. See our Land Development Manual.

Construction works must not start until:

  • a DD&C agreement has been executed
  • the fees are paid
  • an onsite pre-commencement meeting is held.

The DD&C agreement includes details of what works are required to develop the land. It also sets out the responsibilities of the developer, consultant, contractors and Lower Murray Water.

This agreement is valid for 12 months. If construction has not started within 9 months, then the agreement is void. In this case, a new preliminary design must be submitted.

Fees and charges

In most cases, the developer pays for all works, including temporary works. This includes contractor services, application fees and the new customer contribution charge.

Connecting to existing services

If existing water and sewer infrastructure is available, this is classified as a ‘non-works’ development.

You must have our approval before starting any works to connect to our water or sewerage services. This includes backwash for swimming pools.

For more information, see Water connections.

Fire services pressure and flow

Hydraulic engineers can request a pressure and flow test on water mains. This determines the design of fire services for new developments.

Request a pressure and flow test