Saving water

Common-sense water saving tips, rules and restrictions to help you conserve water around your home, workplace and property.


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Home water calculator icon

Home water calculator

Calculate how much water you’re using in your home and garden to see if you’re above or below average.

Permanent water saving rules icon

Permanent water saving rules

Rules for using water that everyone must follow all year round to help save water across Victoria.

Water restrictions icon

Water restrictions

Four stages of water restrictions apply to our water supplies during drought periods or when water supplies are low.

Saving water at home icon

Saving water at home

Tips and advice on saving water around the home.

Saving water in your garden icon

Saving water in your garden

Tips and advice to help save water in the garden.

Saving water in your workplace icon

Saving water in your workplace

Tips and advice for water saving in the workplace.

Saving water on irrigation icon

Saving water on irrigation

Save water on irrigation to increase the efficiency of your water use on the land.

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