Water restrictions

Four stages of water restrictions apply to our water supplies during drought periods or when water supplies are low.

Water restrictions are designed to build on our permanent water saving rules. These rules encourage the efficient use of water on an ongoing basis.

Everyone in Victoria must follow the permanent water saving rules, unless water restrictions are in place.

Our Urban Water Restrictions By-Law No 2 sets out 4 stages of restrictions:

  • stage 1 restrictions (Alert)
  • stage 2 restrictions (Save)
  • stage 3 restrictions (Just enough)
  • stage 4 restrictions (Critical).

Current water restrictions

There are currently no water restrictions in our service area. Everyone must continue to follow the permanent water saving rules.


You can request an exemption from water restrictions in special circumstances. To request an exemption from most restrictions, you need to have an approved Water Use Plan.

Report water use breaches

We monitor all our service areas to make sure everyone is following these water rules. You can get a fine for non-compliance.

If you see someone misusing water or not following the rules, contact us.