Request exemption from water rules or restrictions

Apply for a Water Use Plan to request an exemption from permanent water saving rules or water restrictions.

In special circumstances, you can request an exemption from:

  • some permanent water saving rules
  • a stage of water restrictions.

For example, to use water for:

  • swimming pools and spas
  • private gardens
  • public gardens
  • ponds and lakes
  • retail gardens and nurseries
  • construction activities.

There are strict conditions to get an exemption.

To learn more about the exemptions, see the Urban Water Restrictions By-Law No 2.

Water Use Plan

For most exemptions, you need to have an approved Water Use Plan. A Water Use Plan is designed to maximise your water-saving effort in staged restrictions.

A Water Use Plan controls the use of water for specific purposes or for a specific stage of restrictions – for example:

  • watering gardens, lawns and playing surfaces
  • using water in swimming pools and toys
  • storing and transporting water
  • cleaning vehicles with water
  • using water for other cleaning or maintenance purposes.

Request an exemption

To request an exemption or apply for a Water Use Plan, see the Exemption and Water Use Plans application form.