Lower Murray Water (LMW) advises that many areas around the state are currently experiencing dry conditions with below-average rainfall and low in-flows to the catchment areas. With warmer weather approaching soon it’s important for customers to follow the Permanent Water Saving Rules when using water in the garden and at home.

Permanent Water Saving Rules remain in place year-round, gardens and lawns can be watered from 6pm – 10am daily and a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle can be used at any time.

Manager Communications and Engagement, Leesa Merrett said “We are preparing for the coming months and are assessing the need for staged water restrictions to help manage our regions water use. Customers are urged to be conservative with their water use to ensure we can continue to have adequate supply into the warmer months.”

The Victorian Murray Resource Manager has announced that the catchments will require more rain over the next 2 months to ensure flows can be maintained and the storage levels increase. The seasonal outlook is currently tracking for the ‘Dry’ scenario which would see an allocation of 55% for the season.

Our region experiences extreme conditions during the warmer months, and this demand for water and low levels of allocation may trigger the need to introduce water restrictions.

During the cooler month’s customers are reminded to use this time when sprinklers are not being used to do some maintenance and check for leaks before the summer months. Efficient watering practices and the installation of rain sensors are a very practical and easy way to save water.

“We will continue to monitor water consumption over the coming weeks and regularly patrol areas within our region to educate customers on the watering times.”

For more information on water conservation and the watering times, visit our water conservation page or follow us on social media.


For further information please contact Leesa Merrett on 50513427    M 0409 930 991