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Applications Open for Community Art Project: Transforming Dethridge Wheels into Masterpieces

Lower Murray Water has officially opened applications for a unique community art project aimed at breathing new life into our region's irrigation legacy.

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Lower Murray Water has officially opened applications for a unique community art project aimed at breathing new life into our region’s irrigation legacy. The project invites community organisations to own, decorate, and display a Dethridge wheel—an iconic symbol of our agricultural heritage. Submissions are being accepted until Friday, May 31, 2024.

The Dethridge wheel, a symbol deeply rooted in our region’s history, will now undergo a transformation, becoming a canvas for creativity and expression. Community organisations are encouraged to seize this opportunity to participate in a program that celebrates our heritage while embracing innovation and artistic vision.

“This project is a testament to the resilience and spirit of our community,” Lower Murray Water’s Manager Community and Communications, Owen Russell says. “We are thrilled to invite local organisations to join us in this endeavour, turning these retired relics into captivating masterpieces that reflect the unique identity of each participant.”

Unleashing creativity knows no bounds in this project, with participating organisations granted full autonomy in designing their wheels. From schools and community groups to historic organisations and local businesses, all are welcome to participate in this transformative journey.

“We want to see imagination flourish as each organisation takes charge of designing their wheel,” adds Mr Russell. “The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to witness the extraordinary artistic statements that will emerge.”

Lower Murray Water will support partner organisations by providing wheels free of charge, along with assistance in installation at the chosen display location. Participating organisations will be responsible for securing materials
and assembling a team to bring their creative concepts to life.

If applicants need financial aid in bringing their artistic vision to life, Lower Murray Water is inviting applicants to apply for support via its sponsorship program. See supporting our community to apply.

“We encourage all interested organisations to submit their applications and be part of this innovative project,” urges Mr Russell. “Together, let’s showcase the rich heritage and vibrant creativity of our community.”

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with sponsorship applications assessed in July 2024. For more information and to submit an application, see Dethridge Wheel Community Art Project.