Immediate release: 28 June 2021



Lower Murray Water (LMW) is pleased to announce that tariffs and charges for all urban customers and the majority of rural customers have been reduced for 2021/22.


LMW Managing Director Anthony Couroupis said reductions ranging from 0.5% for urban customers and 0.5% – 7.9% for many rural customers were able to be passed on this year.


“The successful completion of the Sunraysia Modernisation Project (SMP2), a project supported by our rural customer representative advisory committees, has delivered the desired outcomes to provide benefit to all rural customer groups and apply downward pressure on rural customer prices. Rural customers will also share in a one-off rebate as a result of additional revenue generated by SMP2.”


The LMW Board congratulated customer committees for their pivotal role in achieving this tremendous outcome on behalf of fellow customers.
“We are most appreciative of the collaborative manner displayed by our customer representatives, in working with each other and LMW to enable this fantastic result for all rural customers,” LMW Chair Cheryl Rix said.


Tailored information including an explanation of relevant rural tariffs and charges for 2021/22 has been sent to all rural customers. Applicable rebates will be applied on rural customers’ first quarterly bills for 2021/22.


For assistance in understanding information about tariffs and charges, customers may contact our Customer Team on 1800 808 830 or visit our website.


Customers experiencing hardship or financial difficulties are encouraged to contact us for a confidential discussion. We can assist with flexible payment options where possible, if we are aware of difficulties being faced.



Media contact: Kelly Fyfe 0428 265 196