Fighting Climate Change

LMW has committed to reducing emissions by 39% by 2024/24.

LMW recognises the threat that climate change poses to our part of the globe. The scientific consensus informs us that the impacts of unmitigated climate change are likely to be severe in our region. Reduced rainfall across southeastern Australia will mean reduced flow volumes in the Murray River. The impact of this will not be confined to the riparian environment. There will also be major social and economic disruptions to our region that pose a serious risk to our people and our communities. LMW pledges to reduce emissions by 39% by 2020, bringing this target number down from 40,243 to 24,708 tC02-e.

LMW has pledged to State Government that by 2024-25 it will achieve a 39% emissions reduction and by 2050 it will achieve zero net emissions. LMW has propsed a range of cost effective initiatives that include an active bio-solids management policy, installation of solar PV and accompanying technologies and a geothermal heating and cooling system at its Mildura head office. LMW has commenced neccessary works to implement the Pledge with a series of pilot solar projects and is preparing to recruit an energy engineer to provide the in-house technical skills to deliver the required initiatives.