Green light for water efficiency project welcomed

We welcome the Federal Government's commitment to our Water Efficiency Project to continue to modernise our rural irrigation infrastructure.

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We welcome the Federal Government’s commitment to our Water Efficiency Project to continue to modernise our rural irrigation infrastructure.

The $37.9 million Project will see approximately 27km of outdated irrigation channel improved including plastic lining of 23.1km and piping and reconfiguring of around 3.9km. Around 700 existing domestic and stock and Dethridge meters will be decommissioned or replaced with modern accurate meters.

Our Acting Managing Director, David Girdwood said the project will build on the success of the Sunraysia modernisation projects and achieve water savings by upgrading outdated infrastructure in the irrigation districts of Mildura, Red Cliffs and Merbein.

“Channels really are the backbone of our irrigation network in Sunraysia, however, the aging infrastructure means they can be quite inefficient. This Project is a great investment in the future of irrigation as it will modernise and upgrade the channels to reduce water seepage and improve service to our customers.

“This is a real boost for our rural customers as it will provide water efficiencies without a financial contribution from customers. The project went through community consultation in November 2021, which confirmed our customers support for the project and the benefits it will have for the viability of the irrigation district.

“There will be important environmental benefits as much of the water saved will go directly to those efforts in the Murray-Darling Basin. There will also be significant economic benefits for our service region more broadly with the project creating around 110 local construction and project delivery jobs,” Mr Girdwood said.

The Project will result in up to 2.5 GL of water savings. Of this, 1.8 GL will be provided to the Commonwealth to enhance environmental outcomes in the Murray–Darling Basin with any further savings to be shared equally between delivering water for Traditional Owners and improving urban water security in the region.