Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Charges

Yes, you can provide us with your new details through our online form. CLICK HERE

Concession rebates are available for the following customers:

  • Urban residential
  • Domestic & Stock within irrigation districts
  • Domestic & Stock private diverters


The above customers holding a Centrelink PCC/HCC Card or Department of Veteran Affairs PCC/Gold Repatriation Health Card (TPI & War Widow only) may be eligible for a Pension Concession.  Please contact your local office for further details.

Concession re-application is only required if the customers’ circumstances have altered since the last account issued.

By claiming a concession, you will be authorizing Lower Murray Water to confirm your eligibility with Centrelink or the Department of Veteran Affairs. This consent will be ongoing and can be revoked by contacting Lower Murray Water.

To obtain a copy of your most recent bill via our website, fill our online form (Click Here).

You can also send an email to our team – contactus@lmw.vic.gov.au – they can then email you a copy.

Or you can call us on 5051 3400 (Mildura) – 5036 2150 (Swan Hill)

To receive your bill electronically you can register for BPAY View through your internet banking provider. Simply register under the BPAY View or View Bills section and your next bill will automatically be sent to your online banking. (Click here to BPAY View)

Email to contactus@lmw.vic.gov.au with a phone number

We encourage you to make contact with us as soon as possible. The sooner we are aware of the situation, the sooner we can help. You can make contact with us via our website and provide your contact details and our friendly Customer Experience Team will get in contact with you. Or you can contact our office directly by telephone.

Email to contactus@lmw.vic.gov.au with your phone number

You can request a copy of your financial year statement for your bill via our website through the online form (Click here)?

Our staff can then email you the information you require.

We may be able to assist you through various options, including rebates and assistance programs. Our staff can assist you in determining if you may be eligible by making contact with our office or providing your details through our Financial Hardship Assistance form or email hardship@lmw.vic.gov.au

On occasion our meter readers may leave a card to ask you to provide your latest meter reading. You can provide this information to us online via our website through the (Contact us?) form, providing your property details and your meter read. Alternatively, you can contact our office directly and speak with our Metering Team.

Centrepay is a free direct bill paying service available to customers who receive a Centrelink payment.

You can contact us to complete the form over the phone or in person at your local office and we will submit on your behalf.

Contact 5051 3400 Mildura region or 5036 2150 Swan Hill region

Prices for water and sewerage services and consumption change on 1 July each year.  Our prices are regulated by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

Visit the ESC website https://www.esc.vic.gov.au/ for more information on water pricing.

Your bill may include fixed charges for water and sewerage, as well as variable charges for sewerage and water based on the amount of water used.

For a full explanation of what is on your bill, visit our Billing, Charges & Fees page

  • You may have used more water eg. Summer period of usage
  • There may be a leak on your property
  • Your meter reading may be estimated due to an inaccessible meter

Start by checking your meter reading to confirm that you have been charged for the right amount of water.  To learn how to read your meter, visit our “How to read your meter” page

Please Note:  The meter reading should be higher than the one shown on the back of your bill

The amount of water you are charged for is calculated from the water meter readings approximately every 90 days.  The amount of water is recorded is divided by the number of days in the reading period to work out, on average, how much water is used every day.

Leaks & Faults

Lodge a Request

Click on the button below to lodge a request or report a non-urgent fault online.

Emergencies & after-hours faults

Call us on 1800 808 830

Water Quality


Brown water can result from a build-up of natural sediments in the water pipes. Significant water flow changes in Lower Murray Water’s mains (for example, after a burst water main) can disturb the sediments, discolouring the water.

If you are in an older property, brown water can be caused by the corrosion of your galvanised iron water pipes. Rust particles in the water make it brown.

Can I still drink my water?

We recommend you wait until the water issue is resolved before you drink the water.

Run your front tap (closest to the meter) for about one minute. This should flush out any sediments. If the water clears temporarily but then becomes brown again later, then it is likely to be your internal corroding galvanised-iron pipes. You may want to contact your local plumber to fix this problem.

If the water does not clear, contact Lower Murray Water on 5051 3400 Mildura region or 5036 2150 Swan Hill region for assistance.

What is it and how did it happen?

A noticeable change in the taste or odour of tap water can have various causes. These can include the installation of new pipes or water that has developed a stale taste after sitting within the pipes for long periods.

Can I still drink my water?

We recommend you wait until the water issue is resolved before you drink the water.

How do I address the issue?

Flush and front tap (closest to the meter) for about one minute. If the water taste or odour does not improve, contact us on 5051 3400 Mildura region or 5036 2150 Swan Hill region for assistance.

Water Meter

Please ensure there is clear access to your water meter at all times.  In the event that we are unable to accurately determine your usage through your meter readings, your reading will be assessed in compliance with the relevant customer charter.

If Lower Murray Water is unable to gain access to read your meter, you will be requested to read the meter and advise Lower Murray Water of the reading.  If you refuse or fail to read a meter when requested to do so, Lower Murray Water may make an estimate of the probable reading based on historical data relevant to the property, but may exercise its right to require you to provide access

There should be a row of up to eight or nine figures on a white background behind glass on your meter. Some numbers will be in black, some in red. The red numbers show your water consumption in litres, while the black numbers record the kilolitres.

The black numbers (kilolitres) are the ones that will be shown on the back of your bill. Compare the black numbers on your meter to the reading on the back of your bill.

The reading shown on the meter should be higher than the latest reading shown on your bill. If the reading is lower, you may have been charged incorrectly. Please contact us on 5051 3400 Mildura region or 5036 2150 Swan Hill region for assistance.