Blue-Green Algae

This page contains the current information, warnings and advice on blue-green algae (BGA) in the Lower Murray Water (LMW) service region.

This information relates to LMW rural customers who are supplied untreated, river quality water for irrigation or ‘domestic (non-consumptive use) & stock’ purposes, as well as recreational users of the river.  Read about rights and obligations of rural water supply in our Customer Charter (Rural).

BGA warnings do not apply to urban customers who receive drinking water supplies as BGA toxins are removed through comprehensive treatment processes at our water treatment plants.  Read about drinking water supplies in our Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

WaterNSW and LMW are regularly monitoring water quality along the river and will report the results as they become available.


If you see what you suspect may be a BGA bloom, please contact our Mildura office on 03 5051 3400 with the location (and a photograph if possible) and a member of our Water Quality Team will investigate.


SMS messages are sent to LMW rural customers registered to receive SMS, advising the status of BGA in their water supply. To register for SMS updates please call our Mildura office on 03 5051 3400 during business hours or visit WaterNow (water ordering platform).

Warning signs have been erected in popular recreational areas along the river, where BGA red alert level warnings have been issued.

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We are the convening agency within the region for blue-green algae (BGA) monitoring, reporting and response.  We monitor levels of blue-green algae in the Murray River, within our service region.

Water is sampled as it enters each of our nine Water Treatment Plants in our region.  These plants treat raw river water via a series of processes and turn it into safe drinking water for towns with urban water supplies.  When BGA is detected at these sites, it is able to be adequately treated with chemicals so that the drinking water supplied is free from BGA and adheres to Australian standards.

Water is also monitored at key sites along the river to enable us to inform our rural customers (those supplied with river water for the purposes of an irrigation supply or unpotable domestic and stock supply) of the water quality as it changes.  Rural water supplies are untreated and not suitable for drinking at any time.

LMW rural customers can register to receive SMS update alerts for BGA and other items, by contacting our Mildura office on 03) 5051 3400.

Broader monitoring of the Murray River for BGA is undertaken by staff from WaterNSW and reported back through the Sunraysia Regional Algal Coordination Committee.


Murray River BGA information:  WaterNSW

Blue Green Algae – Alert Status Updates

Algal Information Hotline 1800 999 457

Lower Murray Water Rural Charter – Your Rights and Obligations Rural Water Supply Quality

We will endeavour to supply water to Customers at a quality that is at least the same as the source water from where it is taken (Murray River).

LMW will monitor water quality and endeavour to inform Customers of changes in water quality which are likely to impact on the purposes for which water is used by Customers.

On-Site Storage

We recommend that Customers provide adequate storage for 6 weeks’ normal use in irrigation or Rural districts. Customers should be aware that this is raw river water that is untreated and River conditions, including Blue Green Algae and Black Water events may render water unsuitable for use for a considerable period of time.

Water Carters

Customers may choose to utilise local water carters to obtain water supplies for their regular domestic (non-drinking) and stock needs if their tank supplies are inadequate during a BGA event.
Water carters listed below are registered with LMW to access water for this purpose from the town water supply.  This water is not being supplied as drinking water and is not safe to drink as it is not supplied directly to your tap via LMW’s controlled and monitored town reticulation system.
Customers should make enquiries directly with the water carter to determine suitability of the product for their intended purpose.

Water Carters: Mildura region

Water carters in the Mildura area registered to access LMW infrastructure for the purposes of water delivery are:
  • Danco – M: 0418 502 656
  • Richardson Bros – M: 0419 359 561
  • Jimmy Caristo (Mildura and surrounding areas) – M: 0447 882 126

Water Carters: Robinvale

Standpipe located in Moore Street, Robinvale.
Water carters in the Robinvale area registered to access LMW infrastructure for the purposes of water delivery are:
  • Marcovic Management, Ken Hensgen – M:0409 806 101

Water Carters: Swan Hill & Boundary Bend

Water carters in the Swan Hill area registered to access LMW infrastructure for the purposes of water delivery are:


  • Northvic Water Supplies – Ron Thompson: 0418 500 890
  • Swan Hill Water Carriers – Clive Power: 0428 322 823
  • PJ Fitzgerald (Piangil) – Peter Fitzgerald: 0428 261 956

Potable water standpipe: Mildura and Swan Hill areas

If you are in a rural area and require access to potable water, please contact Mildura Rural City Council for a list of licensed water carters for this purpose.


In some instances, access to potable water is made available to the public via standpipes located within the LMW service region.

Utility Relief Grant Scheme – Water Carting Costs

Some customers may be eligible for up to $500 grant under the Department of Health and Human Services Utility Relief Grant Scheme. Click this link for more information about this scheme.

The application forms for the Utility Relief Grant Scheme (non-mains can be obtained by calling 1800 658 521


If you are a Lower Murray Water Domestic and Stock customer and would like to receive information via text message about issues such as blue-green algae, water supply and outages, etc. please provide us with your mobile number, address and outlet number.

To register please call our Mildura office on 03) 5051 3400 or visit WaterNow (water ordering platform) .