Teacher and school resources

We have a range of resources designed to inspire students of all ages to think about water and its wonders.

Our education resources are designed for primary school and kindergarten students to increase awareness and understanding of our river system, water treatment processes, the water cycle and the wonders of water.

H2Go education program

H2Go is an education program aimed at primary school students to educate the next generation on water-focused topics– including:

  • Our river system
  • Water treatment process
  • The water cycle
  • The wonders of water

Schools can choose to do one or 2 modules, or the full teaching program of four modules. There are lesson plans and teaching resources for each year level – including Prep, Grade 1 and 2, Grade 3 and 4 and Grade 5 and 6.

When registering to do the full program, schools receive all the key resources they need to complete the program. However, schools will need to supply some minor resources.

Students who complete the full program get a Lower Murray Water educational pack.

We also have a life-size Dripster Super Water Saver Game that schools can borrow.

To find out more about the program or order the modules, contact our Engagement Officer on 0477 955 639 or nicolette.robson@lmw.vic.gov.au, or complete and submit the order form.

Early learning incursions

Our Engagement Officer is available to visit your early learning centre or kinder for an incursion.

Incursions are free and subject to availability.

To find out more about these incursions, contact our Engagement Officer on 0477 955 639 or nicolette.robson@lmw.vic.gov.au

Water explorers

This incursion is best for 4-year-old kinder students. The activity runs for 45 minutes.

This incursion involves exploring the kinder or centre to find where there’s water. Students discover the taps, toilets and water play activities involving water. We look at the different places outside of kinder that use water. Students draw their water story using pencils and paper. To finish the session, students gather in a circle and help to identify the different water environments where animals live.

Waste warriors

This incursion is best for 3-year-old kinder or day-care students. The activity runs for 30–45 minutes.

This incursion involves learning about the three Ps that should go in the toilet – pee, poo and paper. Students help to identify what belongs in the toilet and what belongs in the bin. Using a water droplet template, students colour in their own raindrop that forms a rain cloud decoration for their classroom. To finish the session, students gather in a circle for a game that involves identifying what floats and what sinks in water.


Water Treatment Process

The Water Cycle