Water supply and service updates

Updates on interruptions to water supply and sewerage services due to floods, maintenance or new installations.

Find the latest updates, warnings and interruptions to our water supply and sewerage services.

Planned service interruptions

To provide our customers with quality service, we regularly maintain and check our water, sewer and drainage networks.

When we install new services or do maintenance works, some planned interruptions to our services may be necessary. We do our best to organise these interruptions for times that cause the least disruption for most customers.

We notify our customers at least 2 business days before a planned interruption. This includes letting you know how long we expect it to last. If the disruption is to your water service, we give you at least 4 business days’ notice.

We will notify you through a hand-delivered or mailed notice to your property.

If there are any delays or changes to the planned interruption, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Water supply and sewer updates

There are currently no updates.