Sunraysia Modernisation Project 2

SMP2 was designed to utilise existing pump station capacity at Red Cliffs and Merbein. To deliver this additional water, the SMP2 project identified constraints that would be relieved through new regulators, expanded culverts and by lining and raising channels.

The project will deliver over 3 kilometres of modernised channel in Merbein and over 2km in the Red Cliffs system.

New channel regulators have now been completed in Red Cliffs and are operational. Both the road culverts in Merbein have also been upgraded. Paschendale Ave and Meridian Road locations have reopened.

The Doering Road culvert in Red Cliffs is nearing completion and it is expected the road will reopen mid-August. The project which has been underway in Merbein and Red Cliffs since May will be completed in October in readiness for the new irrigation season.

SMP2 builds on the $120m Sunraysia Modernisation Project, completed in November 2016. Strengthening Sunraysia via growth, jobs, water security and water delivery cost reductions for local growers. Learn about the latest news for SMP2.

The consultation and engagement on the business case for ‘SMP2 Strengthening Sunraysia has been completed. The business case that was submitted to the State Government for consideration for submission to the Commonwealth Government has now been approved and works are now underway.

SMP2 Strengthening Sunraysia project builds on the success of the $120 million Sunraysia Modernisation Project. However, SMP2 is very different in its funding structure and what it will deliver.

The funding by the State Government from the Commonwealth Government, National Water Infrastructure Development Fund (NWIDF) and is on a 50-50 basis, with development costs shared between agricultural developers and government.

Works have now commenced in both Merbein and Red Cliffs, to ensure delivery of water can commence for the new irrigation season (late October 2019). The works involve upgrades to channels, termination structures, regulators and pipes.

SMP2 will deliver up to 25GL of water to six investors to irrigate up to 2,000 hectares of new agricultural developments commencing late 2019.  The project enables cost savings for all customers while maintaining the same level of supply reliability for existing customers.  The project has a net economic benefit of $40 million and will result in 30 new full-time jobs in the Sunraysia region. The flow on the positive impact of this across the community includes increases in local spending with businesses, local employment and upskilling retained within the area and opportunities for local businesses to expand their operations and diversify.

Important information:

At least 50% privately funded by agricultural developers

Maximum of 50% Government funded – capital component

Opportunity to give a cost-benefit and water security for our in-district irrigators

Agricultural developers have determined the location for development via the RoI process.