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Watering under PWSR
Customers can now water between 6pm and 10am on any day with a watering system.

Customers can use a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle at any time of the day to water. More >




Lower Murray Water Latest News

Latest Flood Update
Flood waters have now peaked at 36.6 metres AHD or above sea level. Click here to view latest video update.
Town drinking water remains safe to drink and as flood waters start to recede river water clarity will improve.
River levels have peaked and will take several weeks to recede.
Blackwater is a naturally occurring process in the river and is contributing the release of carbon compounds including tannins which cause the discolouration in the water.
Our Water Quality team is continuing to monitor and fine tune the treatment processes at our water treatment plants so as to improve the taste and clarity challenges coming from the black water. This is to ensure our customers continue to receive safe and clear drinking water.

Urban Water Quality Update - Floods and Blackwater
Many areas within the Mildura region are experiencing some discolouration of their urban water supply due to the blackwater being experienced in the river. This discolouration can appear like a yellow or brown tinge in the water supply. The water is still safe and is being treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. We are making some changes in the treatment process to look to achieve a better water clarity. This may take a short amount of time to get through the entire water network.We apologise for any inconveniance caused to customers.

Information on "What is Blackwater" during floods
Please see this link to the Murray Darling Basin Authority's website on "Blackwater" and how it occurs in river systems.

Mildura Flood & Blackwater Information Newsletter
See the attached 'Mildura Floods and Blackwater' newsletter which has been released by the regional Emergency Services Partners.

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Lower Murray Water’s (LMW) core business is to meet the present and future needs of our customers and community by providing reliable and secure water services. More >
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