Sunraysia Modernisation Project 2 (SMP2)

Building on existing infrastructure to reduce costs and improve water efficiency for Merbein and Red Cliffs irrigation districts.

time Completed

Project benefits

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    Improved resilience of rural businesses and crop diversification

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    Cost efficiency and improved business sustainability for existing irrigation customers

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    More economical use of water

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    Reduced tariffs and charges for rural customers.

About the project

Building on the success of the $120 million Sunraysia Modernisation Project (SMP), which was completed in 2016, the Sunraysia Modernisation Project 2 (SMP2) uses existing infrastructure and capacity to create opportunities for the Merbein and Red Cliffs irrigation districts.

With the support of local irrigators and the Australian and Victorian governments, SMP2 ensures these districts can meet the current needs of modern horticulture and remain viable into the future.

Extensive consultation made sure the project delivered on customer needs, and the collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders was key to the success of the project.

Construction began in March 2019 and was completed in October 2019 – one month ahead of schedule – ready for the 2019/20 irrigation season.