New water tank to supply Swan Hill community

A new 5 megalitre concrete water storage tank has been constructed in Swan Hill.

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A new 5 megalitre concrete water storage tank has been constructed in Swan Hill to provide additional storage and increased water supply security to the urban water network in Swan Hill and the surrounding towns of Nyah, Nyah West, Woorinen and Lake Boga.

The $3.2 million structure has made itself at home adjacent to the two existing storage tanks and will provide additional storage for drinking water supplied from the Swan Hill Water Treatment Plant and into the water network as the area grows in the coming years.

Around 490 cubic metres of concrete and 120 tonnes of reinforcing steel have gone into the structure, which can hold the equivalent of two Olympic-sized swimming pools of water.

Construction of the storage tank was completed in March followed by the installation of pipework connections, a roof and personnel access stairway. After being filled, it began work alongside the two existing 4 megalitre welded steel storage tanks.

Lower Murray Water Managing Director, Anthony Couroupis said there is now a total storage capacity of 13 megalitres on the site.

“As part of anticipating the future needs of the Swan Hill area, the new water storage tank will be ready to help support the expected growing demand on the water network in the years to come.

“This really is about future-proofing our ability to supply quality drinking water to the Swan Hill area,” Mr Couroupis said.