Request a property information statement

Request information about the water services on a property when buying, selling or changing ownership.

When a property is bought or sold, you need to get a property information statement from us. This statement provides details about our services to the property. To learn more, see Selling or transferring a property.

How to apply

To apply, complete the request form.

With your application include:

  • a copy of the property plan – showing dimensions of the whole property and distance from the nearest street intersection
  • a copy of the property title.

The fee for 2023/2024 is $104.90 (excl. GST). This fee includes one meter reading.

Submit your application:

To pay the fee by credit card, contact us. We can’t process your application until the fee has been paid.

We’ll email your statement within 10 business days.

If we need more information, we’ll contact you.

Apply through Landata

You can also request a property information statement through the Victorian Government agency Landata. Fees may apply.