Svetla Petkova


Svetla is a respected professional with a strong network of industry contacts. Her board experience includes being a member of the Southern Alpine Resort Management Board and Chair of the Workplace committees, and Loddon Mallee Waste Resource Recovery Group Board Director.

Svetla is a highly skilled Executive, People and Asset Manager with expertise managing services, projects and programs with GMW Water, Gippsland Water, City West Water, Isaac Regional Council and more recently with Swan Hill City Council. She is a transformational coach working with leaders and professionals to support them in becoming and being the best versions of themselves.

Svetla excels in the development, coordination, and management of multimillion-dollar assets and programs, maintaining compliance and meeting governance requirements. She is adept at containing costs through the implementation of systems and procedures that streamline efficiencies and utilises a consultative approach with a strong record of performance collaborating with management teams, boards and committees as well as building effective client and stakeholder relationships. As a leader, she fosters unity and motivates teams towards the attainment of goals.