Supplying your home

We are responsible for maintaining the service pipe that runs from the water main to your meter or property boundary (to a distance of 60 metres). If you think there is a problem with this pipe or your meter, contact us immediately. We also provide sewerage services with the goal of reusing resources safely and sustainably.

Rights and Obligations for Urban Water users

We are committed to supplying you with water that is clear, free from objectionable odour and taste that complies with health-related parameters of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 guidelines, except in circumstances beyond our control, or when the supply is not intended for human consumption. Recycled water will meet the guidelines appropriate for its use.

Maintenance Responsibilities

We are responsible for maintaining (repairs and/or replacement) the property service pipe (including galvanised iron service pipes) 25mm internal diameter or less, which includes all fixtures and fittings, up to and including the meter assembly or if no meter is installed, the property boundary.

We will only accept the responsibility of the above property service pipe maintenance for a maximum of 60 metres, provided that the service pipe is in a road reserve.

Where a parent meter is installed servicing child meters to multiple properties, we are responsible for maintenance (repairs and/or replacement) of the property service pipe (including galvanised iron service pipes) 25mm internal diameter or less which includes all fixtures and fittings up to and including the parent meter assembly only.

Supply Faults

If you believe there is a problem in the water pipes between our main and your property service pipe up to and including your water meter, you should contact our support team who will advise you on the maintenance responsibilities and procedures necessary to rectify the problem.

Service Interruptions

Some interruptions are necessary to allow the installation of new services or to carry out maintenance works. We try to organise these planned interruptions to occur at times that will cause least disturbing for most customers.

If an interruption is planned, we will inform customers when the interruption will occur and how long it is likely to last. Customers will be provided with at least two business days notice before a planned interruption and four business days for customers dependent on water.

However, if we are able to commence works and the customer agreed, works may start prior to the expiry of the notification period.

Notification will be deemed to have occurred when we have hand delivered a notice indicating the duration and time of the planned interruption two business days prior to the planned interruption.

Find more information about the use of water for your home on our Urban Customer Booklet.

General Urban Customer Booklet