Home Development

We promote renewable water use with a range of actions for your home. We can help you with reusing greywater, capturing rainwater, saving pool water, or exchanging your sprinkler for one that reduces waste. Our initiatives and advice help homes use water wisely and save money.

Our Land Development page provides information and support about the latest water regulations, new home connections, plumbing applications, building over easements, swimming pools, backflow prevention and sewer blockages.

Financial support

We understand that customers may sometimes be in financial hardship. In some cases, we can support you with payment plans, advice on avoiding high bills, or help you access one-off grants.

We want to hear from you

Consuming our water wisely is everybody’s responsibility, and we’re committed to listening to our customers through dedicated residential and rural committees where you can have your say. We also want to hear from you every year in our annual customer survey.