Trade waste

Trade waste is any commercial waste sent to sewers other than normal domestic sewage. We can help your small business or agribusiness to manage minor and major volumes of trade waste, and provide advice on pre-treatment options.

Only trade waste which complies with specific guidelines is acceptable for discharge to the sewerage system. We accept a variety of industrial and commercial trade wastes that comply with the guidelines.

There are two main categories of trade waste:

1) Minor trade waste – such as that emanating from hotels, restaurants, take away food businesses, laundrettes, car washes etc. which discharge relatively small volumes of wastewater to sewer. These businesses are issued with a ‘Consent to Discharge Trade Waste’, if they meet our requirements, and are charged an annual fee which is incorporated into our quarterly tariff notice.

2) Major trade waste – comprising customers such as fruit and vegetable processing, fruit packing, Abattoir and winery operations which discharge large volumes of wastewater to sewer, generally greater than 1000 kL per annum. These customers are required to sign a Trade Waste Agreement with us and are charged on a quarterly basis, the charge is based on the organic load (COD), suspended solids, Sodium, and hydraulic loadings discharged by the customer. An establishment fee per Megalitre also applies, which is an amount payable in consideration of connection to the Corporation’s sewer network, or increase in the annual maximum rate of discharge to the Corporation’s system.

Both categories of customers must have appropriate pre-treatment facilities (such as Grease Interceptor, Petrol & Oil Interceptor, Silt Trap, Acid Neutralizing Tank, etc.) in place to treat the wastewater to a standard which meets our guidelines. They must also have, in the case of minor trade waste, a ‘Consent to Discharge Trade Waste to the Corporation’s Sewer’ or in the case of major trade waste customers, a ‘Trade Waste Agreement’ with the Corporation.

Please contact us for further information regarding the trade waste ‘Consent to Discharge’ for minor trade waste or an Agreement for major trade waste.


Major Trade Waste Establishment Fee $4,438.70/ML

Minor Trade Waste $68.44/unit charge

Miscellaneous Minor Trade Waste Flow Charge $0.8867/kL

Septic Tank Effluent Disposal $6.28/kL