Media Release

23rd April 2019

Lower Murray Water will join 12 other leading Victorian water corporations in a new energy joint venture that will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain affordable water bills for customers.

From October this year, the participating water corporations will collaborate to create a new joint venture called Zero Emissions Water (ZEW) that will purchase renewable solar power from Kiamal Solar Farm near Ouyen in north-west Victoria.

Purchasing electricity and renewable energy collectively enables the participating water corporations to procure energy at a cheaper rate which will contribute to maintaining affordable prices for customers.

This collaborative arrangement between water corporations is the first of its kind in Australia and is a major step towards the Victorian water sector achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Andrew Kremor, Executive Manager Customer & Stakeholder LMW and Board member of ZEW said that the Victorian water industry and Lower Murray Water are committed to advancing projects that benefit the environment while reducing costs for customers.

The deal will allow Lower Murray Water to purchase around 5% of its electricity and more than 20% of its renewable energy requirements through the new arrangements.

Lower Murray Water has also recently completed solar installation works which will produce more than a megawatt of solar at most of its main sites including the Fourteenth Street offices, pump stations and wastewater treatment plants as part of its overall electricity and renewable energy strategy.

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