Lower Murray Water advise customers in the Red Cliffs township connected to the drinking water supply, that the boiled water notice has been removed.

However, to ensure a sufficient supply of water for all customers while supplies are restored, the emergency use restrictions remain in place until further notice.

The boiled water notice was issued as a precaution while Lower Murray Water crews worked to ensure the Red Cliffs treatment plant could effectively treat the poor water quality from the Murray River. The plant returned to normal production levels overnight.

Lower Murray Water Managing Director, Anthony Couroupis said: “We can confirm that no below standard water entered the Red Cliffs system and we were able to add to the storage levels.”

“We test water entering the Red Cliffs system and also confirm that no blue green algae entered the Red Cliffs system,” Mr Couroupis said.

As no below standard water entered the system, there will be no need for flushing as would normally be required following a boiled water notice event. However, the emergency use restrictions will remain until the storages are filled to ensure water is available for the hot weather forecast for the coming week.

However, the emergency outdoor use restrictions will remain in place until the Cliffside storage is filled to normal operating levels to ensure water is available for the hot weather forecast for the coming week and beyond.

“I would like to thank Lower Murray Water crews who worked around the clock to ensure that customers were supplied with safe drinking water,” said Mr Couroupis.

Lower Murray Water continuously monitors water quality in the Murray River and at the treatment plant.

Lower Murray Water will provide regular updates via its website, social media channels, radio, print and television channels.

For further information please visit our website www.lmw.vic.gov.au or contact

03 5051 3400.