Psyche Bend Lagoon flushing

LMW is currently flushing the Psyche Bend Lagoon to help keep salt out of the Murray River. This is done when the river is high, so the salt dilutes as it flows away. The flushing reduces the salt load sitting on the floodplain, which helps to keep salt target of 800EC* at Morgan, South Australia.


If we didn’t do this, the salt would build up on the floodplain and could cause issues later on. A build-up of salt on a floodplain could potentially go into the river during a rain event. If this was to happen it would mean the target salt level could be jeopardised which would have flow on effects for the river and everything that relies on it.


The Psyche Bend Lagoon colour is extremely blue at the moment as the salt acts as a flocculation or floc.**


* EC stands for Electrical Conductivity unit commonly used to indicate the salinity of water.

**Where solids form larger clusters, or flocs, which then flow out of the lagoon.

Psyche Bend lagoon
Team Leader Environment, Susan Saris, opening the Regulator