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Water Restrictions


Breaches of Water Restrictions

To report a breach or make an enquiry about Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSR) or Restrictions please contact us.

Exemption of Water Restrictions

To apply for an Exemption of Water Restrictions please fill the form below or contact us.

Penalties & Enforcement

Water patrols are happening around all service areas to ensure the Water Restrictions are followed. Penalties apply for non-compliance of the Water Restrictions.

Penalties for Offences

1 2
2 3
3 4
4 5

Penalties imposed for breaches of the Water Act 1989 or Lower Murray Water’s By-Laws are linked to the value of a Penalty Unit.  The value is indexed on 1 July each year.

For more information on Penalty Units please refer to the Indexation of Fees and Penalties page.

Greywater, Rainwater & Recycled Water

Greywater, rainwater and recycled water can be used at any time. For guidelines on safe use visit www.epa.vic.gov.au. No restrictions apply to rainwater, greywater or recycled water collected and processed on-site, provided it is not supplemented by us – water supply.

Re-using greywater is a viable option during times of drought and water restrictions. A number of products are now on the market that enable access to greywater from your home. These products are designed for immediate greywater reuse.

Greywater (all non-toilet household sewerage) can be a good water resource in dry periods but can carry health and environmental risks. EPA supports water conservation methods and believes that greywater can be reused effectively and safely in the home by following a few simple tips. We recommend that you display a sign if using greywater to water your garden.