We are reviewing our current Urban Water Strategy and compiling the next Urban Water Strategy for 2022.


The Strategy details a range of actions we will implement over a long-term planning period to ensure urban water customers continue to receive a reliable water supply over the next 50 years.


We review this Strategy every five years, which involves assessing our plans against a number of factors including climate change and population growth.


Our Strategy will help us balance the supply of water with the demand of our region’s water needs.


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Engaging with our communities

In the lead up to the 2022 Urban Water Strategy, we will evaluate the challenges and opportunities identified in the review our existing strategy.


We will consult and engage our key stakeholders, including customers, Traditional Owners and community members to understand their needs and identify the best mix of actions to ensure sustainable water and wastewater services into the future.


We supply urban water services to 14 towns via nine treatment plants to 34,311 households and businesses (approx. 74,000 customers) along the Murray River in Victoria from Koondrook to Merbein.


We will be consulting with each of these communities to seek their feedback and input on their specific challenges and proposed short and long-term initiatives.


The next Urban Water Strategy is due March 2022 under the Statement of Obligations issued under section 41 of the Water Industry Act 1994.


The initiatives identified in the Urban Water Strategy will contribute to the next pricing submission. A five-yearly submission made to the Essential Service Commission which sets pricing and capital expenditure.



Our Current Urban Water Strategy

Our Urban Water Strategy 2022-2071 is a 50-year plan to secure water for future generations.