What Is Sewage?

Sewage includes everything that goes down the kitchen, laundry and bathroom sink, as well as what you flush down the toilet.

The sorts of things you put down your sink or flush down your toilet can have a major effect on the environment, our assets (such as pumps) and on the costs of treating the sewage. This can make it far more expensive for Water Corporations to treat sewage to an acceptable standard.

We operate ten sewage treatment plants and associated sewerage systems. The sewerage system is made up of the pipes, pump stations, treatment plants and equipment required to collect, transport, treat and dispose of the sewage. The transport system consists of small pipes that join into increasingly larger ones, eventually becoming the ‘mains’ entering the treatment plant. The treatment plant treats the sewage to a standard whereby it can be reused or recycled in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner, under license to the Environment Protection Authority.