Our Policies


Our Objectives and Strategies

  • Customer Focused – right service, right time.
  • Maintaining compliant performance while improving cost effectiveness of operations and assets.
  • Increasing use of modernised infrastructure across the Corporation.
  • Increasing the resilience of services to changing and extreme weather.
  • Managing the Corporation in accordance with expected standards of corporate behaviour.
  • Managing the Corporation’s assets and finances responsibly and sustainably.
  • Providing an engaged, skilled and diverse workforce to deliver our vision and mission.
  • Providing our services equitably and with respect to a diverse community.

Our Vision

The Board visualise that we will become the leading regional water corporation in Victoria by:
  • Close engagement with our community and customers.
  • Being resilient in times of adversity and change.
  • Being a regional leader.


We will deliver outcomes to our communities by:

  • Catering for sustained growth in our urban business.
  • Promoting growth in our rural business.
  • Being sustainable, measured by finance, a productive culture and a lighter environmental footprint.


Lower Murray Water has a Receiving Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy.
This helps to protect and promote public confidence in the integrity of LMW.
The policy applies to Board Members and employees (including contractors and consultants).

Environmental Influences


We have a Biodiversity Asset Register in place to aid in the improvement of ecosystems occupying our sites. The inventory of flora and fauna and ecological communities enables us to manage, monitor and report on land within our jurisdiction based on sound scientific information. Sixteen sites were identified that contain Victorian Rare or Threatened plants (VROTs).

Biodiversity Asset Register Actions

  • Protection and monitoring of the Hooded Scaly Foot Lizard at Mildura West Water Treatment Plant (WTP).
  • Murray Hardy head fish management and protection at Cardross and Koorlong lakes.
  • Integrated pest plant and animal control at our sites.
  • Fencing off and environmental management of our offset areas and selected remnant native vegetation patches.

Blue Green Algae

We are a convening agency within the region for blue-green algae (BGA) monitoring and reporting. The monitoring of the Murray River for BGA is undertaken by staff from the New South Wales Department of Environment and Water and is reported back through the Sunraysia Regional Algal Coordination Committee. We also monitor the raw water entering our water treatment plants.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We continue to participate in Water Services Association of Australia Energy and Greenhouse Network and the Victorian Water Sustainability Task Group (which includes Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Working Group).

In 2011, we developed a GHG (Green House Gas) Management Strategy to formalise the setting of goals and targets for achieving GHG reductions across our business and to provide a strategic framework for delivery of GHG emission reduction initiatives. A baseline year has been set, against which improvements can be measured. Our goal is to achieve continuous GHG reductions across the business. Some of the actions already achieved include:

  • The purchase of Green Power for large urban based operations.
  • We offset carbon emissions of flights
  • All projects that involve refurbishment of plant and equipment, must consider energy efficiency. An example of this being successfully implemented is during the recent upgrade of the Koorlong Sewerage Treatment Plant.
  • Development of a GHG car matrix for our vehicle fleet in order to purchase vehicles that have lower GHG emissions.
  • Implementing solar panels to offset and reduce energy needs at selected offices, pumps and treatment plants.
  • Change of all lights in the fourteenth street office from fluorescent lights to LED.