Our Environment

We provide urban water, sewerage services and rural irrigation services to our customers in an environmentally responsible and ecologically sound manner.

Through our Board, management, staff, contractors and professional associations, we will continue to improve our environmental performance. Our environmental performance can be measured through the development and maintenance of the Environmental Management System and associated plans/strategies.

Environmental activities conducted under these documents include:

  • Protection of the Hooded Scaly Foot (Legless lizard) at the Mildura West Water Treatment Plant
  • Joint protection of the Murray Hardy-Head fish at Koorlong and Cardross Lakes
  • Integrated pest plant and animal management that we managed land and biodiversity assets


Biosolids are a nutrient rich organic material that is produced from the wastewater recycling process.

With a combination of water and organic materials, biosolids contain valuable nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.  Biosolids have a soil-like consistency and make a viable alternative fertiliser solution if applied under the right conditions.

Biosolid application to land must meet specific quality criteria and is regulated by the Environment Protection Authority.

As part of the innovative use of biosolids, stockpiled biosolids are ready to be transported from LMW’s Koorlong Wastewater Treatment Plant to local farms for use.

There have been encouraging results from the two local farms who both grew wheat on the soil with the biosolids.

The crop growing on land with biosolids is noticeably greener and healthier than the crop without biosolids. Research on biosolids has consistently shown it has a positive effect on crop yields and soil health. Biosolids contain a range of plant nutrients that have beneficial effects on soil fertility and plant growth. The picture below shows the difference between the crop that utilised biosolids (right) and the crop that didn’t (left).