Meet Our Staff

We offer numerous career opportunities, ranging from entry level to those requiring experience or qualifications. With the diversity in roles, we are sure to have something that you can see yourself in. Meet some of our staff member to hear about what they enjoy most about working in the water industry. 

Meet Laura Bray

Engineering Officer, Projects and Infrastructure

What is your career background?
Whilst at the University of Adelaide studying Pharmaceutical Engineering, I was given a work experience opportunity locally at Lindeman’s Winery in 2012 and 2013, which launched my career into the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry. I have since worked in engineering and project management on a range of different brands including Black Swan Dips and Nudie, before landing my role with LMW.


Have you always thought about a career in water? 
I grew up in this region and love the Murray-Darling Basin. After having a varied career in food and beverage around Melbourne and Albury-Wodonga, I wanted my next opportunity to be back home where I could enjoy life with my Fiancé, Sean and my Border Collie puppy, Finn.  My ambition was to join the Lower Murray Water Team and explore what adventures and impact I can make within the Water Sector. I enjoy project management and leading change, which I get to do each day in my role as Engineering Officer. 

Meet Jake Veal

Electrician, Service Delivery and Operations

What led you to apply for this job?

I started at Lower Murray Water in 2017 as an apprentice. I was one of around 60 people vying for the apprenticeship position and was thrilled to receive the position. I have since completed my apprenticeship and can’t wait to be a mentor to other apprentices that come through the door. 


What kind of skills are essential for your role as an electrician?

The skills required for being an electrician are great communication skills, problem-solving skills, hands-on skills, and some knowledge in the water treatment process and electrical components of the treatment cycle. I also learn a lot from my colleagues and learn something new about the trade each day. 

Meet Julie Krake

Acting Manager, Water Quality and Environment

What is your career background?  

My career as a Water Quality Technologist really began in year 11 Biology, although it took me some time to truly figure out my path. While working as a dental assistant for 16 years, I completed a Bachelor degree in Science (Applied Science) with a major in biosciences (microbiology and analytical chemistry) as a mature aged student.

Have you always thought about a career in Water? 

When I graduated, I was 34 and started work as a Water Quality Technologist at LMW a few months later as a graduate which really cemented my career in the water industry. My primary job at LMW is to ensure the urban tap water is safe to drink for all LMW customers from Merbein to Kerang, which involves testing & monitoring water quality from catchment to tap.