Chair and Board thank Managing Director for his service

6th March 2019

After more than four years at Lower Murray Water, Mr Philip Endley has announced that he will be leaving the role of Managing Director to pursue new opportunities.

Lower Murray Water Chair, Cheryl Rix, thanked Phil for his contribution and hard work over the past four years and noted that, under Phil’s leadership, there had been positive impacts across the region.

Ms Rix said, “Phil led the organisation during a time of change and challenge relating to water management and leaves behind a legacy of dedication, hard work and customer focused outcomes”

Mr Endley acknowledged that it had been his honor to work with the organisation and the local community, he said that, “Lower Murray Water has played a crucial role in helping to manage growth across the region”.

“I am proud of how Lower Murray Water has adapted and changed in such a short time frame. Tremendous progress has been made towards ensuring customers are at the center of how Lower Murray Water does business”, he said.

Mr Endley thanked the staff at Lower Murray Water who had supported him and his family over the past four and a half years. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication by the entire organisation.

Mr Endley said, “I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people including our Board of Directors. I thank the Chair, Cheryl Rix, for her support and commitment towards excellence for LMW”.

The Board of Directors also thanked Phil for his dedication and commitment and wished him the best for the future.

Mr Endley’s resignation is effective Friday 15th March 2019, after which Executive Manager David Girdwood will be Acting Managing Director.