Lower Murray Water has informed its urban customers that unless significant rainfall is received in the Murray River catchment over the next few weeks, Stage 1 water use restrictions will likely be necessary to secure the region’s water supply.

Lower Murray Water has sufficient water from carryover and allocation for its 2019/20 needs, however, water supplies for 2020/21 are at risk if the current very dry conditions continue.

Lower Murray Water Managing Director, Anthony Couroupis, said “that by implementing low impact water use restrictions now we can save water that we may need for 2020/21. We are considering starting urban water use restrictions in November. Using a little less water for a longer period will have less impact on our customers and our communities”.

“The Murray River is currently experiencing very dry conditions with well below-average rainfall and low inflows to storages. Any move to Stage 1 water restrictions will only be made where it is absolutely necessary.