Blue-green algae red alert lifted for Lake Cullulleraine


Lower Murray Water (LMW) has lifted the red alert level warning (high alert) for blue-green algae in Lake Cullulleraine.


LMW Managing Director Anthony Couroupis said results from sampling undertaken by LMW over the past fortnight demonstrate levels of blue-green algae have reduced below the threshold under the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Guidelines for Managing Risks in Recreational Water, and are no longer at red alert level.


“Our Water Quality Team has continued to monitor Lake Cullulleraine closely and it is pleasing to see levels of blue-green algae have reduced and the red alert lifted,” Mr Couroupis said.


“Many recreational areas in the region remain under red alert for blue-green algae, so these results bring some good news as we head into the weekend.


“As always, we encourage water users to exercise caution before entering a waterbody and be aware the algal situation can change quickly.


“We will continue routine monitoring of areas along the Murray River in our service region and work closely with WaterNSW, who is the responsible authority for issuing and lifting red alerts for blue-green algae in the Murray River.”


Blue-green algae occur naturally and usually appear as green paint-like scums on the water near the edges, or as greenish clumps throughout the water. The water may appear dirty, green or discoloured and may also have a strong musty or earthy odour.


More information, including a map of current warnings in the LMW service region, is available on the LMW website: www.lmw.vic.gov.au/blue-green-algae.