Joining forces for the future of irrigation

In May this year, the Lower Murray Water (LMW) Infrastructure Services Team launched a strategic project to develop a robust, transparent process that will determine the priorities and guide decision-making on future infrastructure investment in our irrigation business.

With a key focus on collaboration, the project aims to develop a shared vision between LMW and district irrigators about a future state that is sustainable and offers growth opportunity across the region.

Initial stages of the project involved consultation within LMW to better understand the internal challenges and constraints, before engagement with customer representatives for their input and to road-test ideas within each irrigation district.

All irrigators across the LMW service region were invited to participate in a series of workshops during November, where discussions focussed on four key drivers of future infrastructure, including:

  • Water availability
  • Technology
  • Services and systems; and
  • Energy and Climate.

The working groups identified the main constraints to growth and the infrastructure needed to support commercial success in their district.

A roadmap of short, medium and long-term options arising from the discussions, in addition to a risk framework will be identified in the New Year to form investment targets. LMW will also test a decision-making process that can be applied to infrastructure as the districts evolve and circumstances change over time.

As we move toward developing our Water Plan 5 (2023-28), this project is providing a valuable forum for consultation with our irrigation stakeholders on LMW’s infrastructure investment priorities for this period.

LMW held a series of workshops with irrigators to discuss the challenges and opportunities for future investment in irrigation infrastructure in the LMW service region.